Friday, January 29, 2010

Kalani Food!

I am loving all this tropical fruit! We get fresh papaya, mangoes, pineapple! Plus blueberries and more every morning. They make the most amazing granola sweetened with maple syrup! Eggs, oatmeal, toast, even rice bread and sunflower butter are available too! We've had Mahi Mahi (not endangered and no mercury), plus seared Ahi tuna, Hawaiian chicken, great baked tofu, a delicious seafood salad, an amazing carrot-parsnip soup, and other incredible savory dishes. And a great salad bar with homemade dressings twice a day. And the desserts! Chocolate cream pie, orange-walnut cake, a delicious chocolate cake, and recently, a vegan cheesecake that melted effortless on the tongue. It just keeps getting better!

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  1. Mmmm the food descriptions make me want to come to the next retreat. The website is great. I like the new look. Janet