Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hawaii Retreat - Day 4

Well, it's been an incredible week. I just love hanging out with great people in the tropics, talking about yoga, and helping people open to new places in their bodies and minds. Plus, there's nothing like having amazing meals cooked for you 3 times a day, 80 degree weather, no driving, a pool, hot tubs and sauna (plus a bath tub in my room)! to assist in deep presence and letting go.

Each day, I've taught on a different theme. Here's the themes for the week: Intention, Awareness, Shri, Grace, Joy, Celebration- one per day. I've been complementing the theme with poetry from Hafiz and Rumi, among others, and great music. Each morning we have an early Somatics, meditation and pranayama session before breakfast. I've loved watching the dawn and listening to the morning bird songs as we sit in meditation.

Then for 2.5 hours, we have asana before lunch. Each day has gotten a bit more challenging and we have been focusing on back bends! Today, lots of anjaneyasana and pigeons! Tomorrow: Back to assisted wheel pose - 2 partners this time. Saturday- Drop backs (assisted of course)!

We have a long afternoon break after lunch where people head off to snorkel, to the local black sand beach, get massages, nap, swim or whatever. Today, 9 of us went to the local Green Lake, known as a sacred site for the Hawaiians. A gorgeous and tranquil spot.

Each afternoon session, before dinner, we've focused on deep hip opening and restorative poses. It's been so sweet to hear the evening tropical sounds of birds and frogs begin as we finish in savasana. Tonight, lots of yummy shoulder work too, like cow face pose and twisting child's pose. Yesterday, fire log, twisting pigeon, upavishta among others. Woa, that was a deep one! People were swaying their way to dinner!

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