Thursday, October 24, 2013

Glowing and Shifting with Appreciation

I am feeling a sweet peace inside after my week of Chicago Hendricks' trainings. 
This was an especially small training, so there were less of us apprentices.  And although I've always actively participated in our meetings and trainings, this time I felt a much deeper sense of ease, confidence and belonging. 

So aside from all the formal learning of techniques and practices that we do, which I feel like I've integrated on a much deeper level after 5 of these Essentials trainings,  I can see evidence of my growth simply in how I'm interacting with everyone, including and especially Katie.  Where before I had more fear of speaking up or being wrong; second-guessing my contributions, now I notice much more flow and ease within myself.  I'm not monitoring everything I say, packaging it to be "just right."  I'm following my impulses, trusting them, and letting go.  I know that packaging comes from fear of being judged and ultimately from judging myself, something I learned to do early in life.  So if all I got from this training would be this greater sense of inner ease, peace and self-appreciation, and a relinquishing of my inner judge, I would be stoked.  But I know I'm getting so much more. 

Too much to mention here, but here's a taste of it:
 - Speaking the truth about my feelings and thoughts in unarguable ways
- Taking full responsibility for my experiences
 - Tuning into when I'm feeling fear and tools for melting this fear in the moment
- Practices of self-love and appreciation
- Amping up my appreciation for others and my experiences
 - Communicating from the heart
- Recognizing when I'm in a persona
- and so much more!

What I'm left with after this week of joining with my teacher and many friends on the path is an expanded feeling of love and appreciation.  I feel an inner radiance like a light that shines out from my heart, and a deep feeling of calm and peace that reminds me of sitting on a mountain.  It's like the exuberance I feel after a weekend of yoga.  And I do think it's a very deep kind of yoga.

I'm passionate about sharing these powerful tools of transformation.  I believe we all have a strong inner judge and long for ease in communication and emotional literacy and I know these tools will help.  My course called Conscious Living starts on October 29 and the early bird discount is tomorrow, October 25.  I hope you can join me!  Here's a link to more info: Conscious Living Course.

In appreciation for me and for you and this awesome journey we call life,