Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wow, it's already Summer and the last day of June! We are loving this incredible coastal sunshine. For me, the sun brightens my spirits and encourages my heart to shine even more brightly. I love how the sunlight is so generous, it shines on everyone, every plant and tree equally, without holding back. It makes me want to do the same.
As Rumi says: Your generosity is vaster than the sea. It doe not wait for tomorrow. No need to ask for anything. Does anyone ever ask the Sun for Light?
May we always recognize the sun's generosity in giving us this precious life, even when it's shining through the clouds.

Summer time for me is a time of celebrating the sensual joys of life and nature. With the fullness of the flowers and the expansion of the daylight, I find myself enticed outside, to play in my garden, to explore the wilderness, and to join in the company of friends and family in gratitude for the beauty and abundance we all share.

This practice of celebrating life is a key component in Anusara Yoga. We endeavor to fully engage with life in each moment. Like absorbing the sun's rays, we strive to drink in the nectar through all of our senses: the taste of sweet summer rasberries, the touch of the warm sand between our toes, the delicate fragrance of the roses, the precious songs of the early morning birds, and the outrageous displays of flowers and grases shining in their full glory. When we can truly open to all that life has to offer in each day, we feel more full on the inside; our inner radiance expands and gratitude pours more readily out from our hearts.

May you fully drink in the sweet nectar of summer. May it open your heart with gratitude for the many gifts of this life, and may the gratitude of your heart touch everyone you meet.


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