Monday, September 30, 2013

Generating Easy, Radiant Abundance

For several weeks now, I have been enjoying chanting to Lakshmi, the Indian goddess of beauty and abundance, generosity, fullness and light.  I've also been chanting to Red Tara, the Tibetan goddess of love, compassion and generosity, imagining myself as these goddesses, feeling full, generous and abundant, feminine bounty, luscious hips and breasts, offerings of love.  I've enjoyed creating my own movements to go w. the chants, taking on the shapes they depict, as well as my own.  And I'm also using a commitment I created in my practice:  I commit to opening to easy, radiant abundance in my body, home and work.
Abundance Manifests!!
1 - Within the last 10 days, I've had 8 calls from new clients wanting to do Somatics or Yoga Therapy with me.  wow!  I don't think I've ever had such a huge influx of new clients!
2 - Last Wednesday was our 9-year wedding anniversary and I posted it w. a sweet picture.  I was blown away to see over 160 likes and over 40 comments.  This may be the most activity I've had from any post.   I feel abundant w. love, appreciation and blessings from my community.
3 - Today, as I sat, in meditation, I remembered the ways I am already like Lakshmi and Red Tara:  generous, beautiful, abundant, loving and compassionate. I thought of examples.  I thought:  I don't have to try to be like them, I already am like them and just need to remember this!  I thought about generosity and made this commitment:  Today, I would like to give back.  I would like to make a donation to some organization or person who is in need.  After sitting, I went down to the kitchen, turned on the local radio station, and they were doing a pledge drive.  I could hardly believe it!  This is who I'm supposed to donate to!  They've been hurting, losing funding and need more support.  I called in right away and made a donation.  KABOOM!
4 - I had a new student sign up for my Teacher Training at the last minute, somebody I really like and was hoping would join us.  Plus I just had a great weekend of teaching them and the whole time, it felt like play.  It was easy and fun and I had a great time.  For me, this is the feeling of easy, radiant abundance.
These all happened without me really trying, just having intention and putting my energy in that direction. 

I'm glowing, feeling radiant and full. 
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