Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer Updates

Happy Summer everyone!  I know it's been quite a while since I've blogged, so here's a snapshot of what I'm exploring or have been doing:

Post-Cleanse Tips:  It was a great moderate cleanse for me and I'm still pleased with my diet overall.  It helps to have so much access to fresh garden and market veggies!  I tend to be a fairly healthy eater anyway but  I have found that traveling and eating well is much more challenging.   Here's what I do:  Bring food for the plane so I'm not stuck w. airplane and airport food.  I have great containers that hold grain and veggies easily, so I usually bring something like that for the plane.  I also bring nuts for snacks.  This is my usual mode in town as well, whether I'm eating at home or in town.  We just make a pot of grain every 3 - 4 days and use it for 1 -2 meals a day.  We also make a big veggie dish every 2 - 3 days and use that for 1  - 2 meals per day.  I like to bring my own veggies and grain w. me, sometimes salad or meat or hummus or dal or whatever else I've made, so I know I'm getting healthy food when I"m home or in town.  I'm also enjoying soaked almonds as a snack (left over from the cleanse) and peeling the skin off is so easy when they're soaked, which makes hem more digestible.

Upper Limits Problem - a term from the Hendricks:  Last week, I taught about this in classes after I realized it happening to me.  I got a cold and felt pretty down after coming back from my last fabulous Hendricks training in early June.  The ULP is when people have a downfall after some sort of great experience.  So after a wonderful time away with your partner,  getting a raise at work, feeling especially high on life in some way, you may find yourself starting a fight or worrying, tripping, breaking things, injuring yourself, feeling negative, stressed, or getting sick.    We unconsciously do this to bring ourselves down to our usual comfort zone, our set thermostat for positive energy.  How to make the shift?  First, notice your specific pattern.  Then, breathe and ask yourself what you need.  Do you need to have a conversation and talk about your feelings?  Do you need to sit and breathe, do some yoga, or take a walk in nature and get some space?  All of these can be very helpful.  I also like using a statement to affirm my intention to be able to contain more positive energy.  Here's the one I like from the Hendricks:  I am willing to grow a new nervous system capable of sustaining large amounts of positive energy for long periods of time.  Give it a try! 

And before I part, I want to let you know we have a Summer Special for July-August:  20 classes for $160 which expire August 31.  For one person.

I hope to see you soon!


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  1. I enjoyed your post Robin. I'm reading "The Big Leap" now and it's interesting to read your story.

  2. Awesome, Gail! Yes, I just finished that book. Great read! Happy Fourth!